Thursday, December 24, 2009

1924 Gearhart Circular Sock Knitting Machine

I acquired this Circular Sock Knitting Machine (CSM) at a local garage sale from the granddaughter of the original owner. I cleaned it up and learned the basics of operating this machine, and decided that I enjoyed needle knitting better. I understand that even experienced knitters have to deal with dropped stitches upon occasion!

If anyone can convince me that I could knit without those dropped stitches I might reconsider! (see next post for the resulting answer to my plea!)

Since I am not an experienced knitter I cannot verify the exact condition of this machine. The cylinder turns very smoothly, but it's driving me crazy with dropped stitches - I switch the needles into different positions and then it works for awhile, then will start dropping stitches in another place! (ok - maybe it's operator error, but the machine really does seem "cranky" at times!) I cleaned the needles by shaking them in a jar with sand and water, a tip from a neighboring cranker.

72 slot cylinder, uses 18 g needles maybe?
3 - 2 lb, 2 - 1 lb Weights
stem weight
set-up basket
crank and handle
yarn guide
heel hook
hold down
30 slot ribber
Photocopy of 1924 guide
original wood packing case (1/2 of it!)

Displayed with needles in every other slot.

52 slot cylinder pieces and old needles - I set the cylinder back into the machine and it turns just fine.
Uses 10g needles.

It turns (72 cylinder)!

More information about Circular Sock Knitting Machines can be found here

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